Reward cards - Ticket Twoja Premia®
Reward cards - Ticket Twoja Premia®

Reward cards - Ticket Twoja Premia®

The most desirable reward,
similar to cash


  • How to achieve better sales results?
  • How to increase the effectiveness of dealers, wholesalers, and salespeople?
  • Which rewards to choose for a contests, loyalty program, or motivational program?
  • How to thank the best Clients?
  • What to offer to Business Partners?

Why is the Ticket Twoja Premia® reward card the best choice?

  • One of the best regarded rewards
  • An excellent gift for Business Partners, Wholesalers and Dealers
  • Easy to adapt to rewards of different values and the ability to top up the cards multiple times
  • Your Clients, Dealers, Agents, and Salespeople will appreciate the ability to pay with the card throughout the world


  • The ability to top up a card multiple times
  • Each card may be topped up with a different value
  • The simultaneous topping up of many cards regardless of their amount
  • Lack of logistical problems and problems with reward storage 
  • A long card validity period - up to 2 years
  • The ability to order cards with a pin code or without
  • Reward cards are packed in separate envelopes
  • An easy ordering process, orders are fulfilled within 24 hours 


  • The beneficiary decides what he or she wishes to spend the money from the card on
  • The ability to choose a reward thanks to the widest network of places that accept the cards in Poland and abroad (more than 30 million locations worldwide)
  • The cards are also accepted in online stores
  • There are no fees related to card use
  • Access to many excellent discounts in Twój Benefit Klub – see for yourself
  • Complete real time online control over the funds stored on the card