Edenred in Poland

In 1997, the Accor Group began operating in Poland introducing solutions in the form of paper vouchers used by companies in non-financial benefits and business loyalty building programs.

In 2010, the hotel and the prepaid services businesses of Accor Group were split as a result of which Edenred was established as an independent company.

In 2011, Edenred Polska introduced novel solutions in the form of Mastercard prepaid cards, thus becoming the leader in innovation on the prepaid services market in the B2B sector.


Edenred Polska offers personalised solutions for business and provides comprehensive expert and consulting services ensuring professionalism and support at all levels of cooperation.

Edenred’s range of services is composed of solutions in 
three categories:


Prepay solutions – an alliance between Edenred and Mastercard worldwide


The proprietary prepay technology ltd. Authorisation platform allows for the development of solutions tailored to the individual requirements of the sector and the client’s expectations. Thanks to the strategic partnership between Mastercard and Edenred, we were able to attain the highest quality in prepaid services.

Prepay solutions was a winner of the prestigious prepaid awards

the prepaid awards are held each year in the united kingdom and aim to present the significant achievements and successes in the prepaid services sector. The ceremony took place on 11 October 2012 in London. Prepay solutions won 2 awards in the "leading prepaid organisation Europe" and "best prepaid service provider UK" categories.
The French prepaid awards ceremony took place on 18 October 2012 in Paris. Prepay solutions won an award in the category of companies which helped the most in the development of solutions for prepaid services in France.