For over 50 years Edenred has been creating and providing solutions to improve employee well-being and increase the productivity of companies.

The primary  goals of Edenred:

  • to make life easier 
  • to promote well-being at work
  • to promote lunch breaks


In 2012, the group committed to doing business in a socially responsible manner in  day to day activities by placing CSR goals at the centre of its strategy. The ensuing initiative is called ideal and focuses on three issues:
IDEAL MEAL - promoting healthy eating
IDEAL GREEN – helping to protect the environment
IDEAL CARE – supporting those in need

Ideal Meal

The ideal meal project focuses on the idea of healthy eating and, in particular, on its effect on employee effectiveness. In 2005, based on its extensive experience, Edenred together with the international labour organisation published the “food at work” book. Written by Christopher Wanjek, the book  takes the form of a case study shows how “effective nutritional solutions” implemented by various companies in 28 industrialised and developing countries affect the quality of work and employee well-being.

Initiatives undertaken at Edenred:

Edenred’s activities focus on fighting obesity and promoting a balanced diet. As the coordinator of the “food” program, the company cooperates with 23 partners, both in the public and the private sectors, and strives to ensure easy access to healthy food at affordable prices. The initiative is currently successfully operating in 8 countries and is being introduced to other countries.

The Alimentation & Equilibre “Nutritional Balance” program, thanks to cooperation with restaurants that accept our vouchers, allows Ticket Restaurant® users to choose meals that meet the criteria of a varied and balanced diet. Gustino, a characteristic mascot, is the representative of the initiative. The program was introduced in Edenred in South America. On the other hand, in several countries in Europe, it was adapted to local conditions.

Ideal Green

Despite the fact that the company’s business does not directly affect the environment, Edenred group committed to better understanding the effect that its business has on the environment and to decreasing its negative consequences through active involvement of all employees. The company’s policy in this regard focuses mainly on designing environmentally friendly solutions and on increasing employee awareness.

We invite you to visit the Let’s go green! Website which shows Edenred’s practices in regard to environmental protection.

Ideal Care

Edenred’s involvement on behalf of local communities consists of providing support to people who found themselves in a difficult life situation. The aid is provided in the form of donations and volunteer work, and not only by employees, but other interested parties (clients, beneficiaries, and affiliated companies) are also involved in the project. In 2011, Edenred group jointly spent 700 days to support more than 400 associations, and its financial aid totalled almost one million euros. 



Edenred Polska is involved in CSR activities undertaken within the group and also independently undertakes initiatives aimed at promoting ideal divided into three segments: the promotion of healthy eating, care for the environment, and providing support to those in need. 

Ideal Meal

We began our activities by analysing the eating habits of Edenred Polska employees. The survey showed, among others, the mistakes which we make when preparing our daily meals, how much time we spend on eating them, and what our diet is like. For an employer that promotes the idea of healthy eating, this is very important. We implement initiatives that will help change the nutritional habits of employees and also supplement their daily diets with healthy products.

Ideal Green

In accordance with the ideal green idea, Edenred Polska employees created “Green Codes” of conduct in an environmentally friendly manner. Each year, we celebrate earth day by undertaking initiatives related to environmental protection (planting trees, sorting waste, collecting waste paper, taking care of the flowers in the company). We try to create a friendly and green workplace.



  1. Avoid washing under running water, make sure to close the taps all the way.
  2. Tea time – pour only as much water into the kettle as you need, and remember your colleagues when making tea - you’ll save both power and time.
  3. Collect used batteries, toners and pens, and waste paper.
  4. Don’t waste paper, print and make copies on both sides.
  5. Print only as much as you need.
  6. Don’t send pointless e-mails - you cause excessive greenhouse gasses to be released into the atmosphere.
  7. Print on recycled paper.
  8. Shut down or hibernate your computer when leaving for lunch or longer periods of time.
  9. Set your monitor to automatically go into stand-by mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  10. When the air conditioning is on, don’t open any windows or doors.
  11. Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  12. Before going home from work, turn off the computer and all electronic devices.



  1. Avoid spillages when filling up.
  2. Use cars that have catalytic converters.
  3. If you don’t need to travel far, walk, and use trains when you need to travel longer distances.
  4. When waiting at a railroad crossing, turn off your car’s engine.
  5. Wash your car using a bucket and sponge, don’t use a hose. 
  6. Change gears once the engine reaches 2000-2500 rpm. Maintain a steady speed. 
  7. Drive in the highest gear at the lowest speed. 
  8. Use your gears to slow down, you’ll use less fuel as the engine is driven by energy from the wheels. 
  9. Maintain correct air pressure in your tyres, the wrong pressure significantly shortens their lifespan, and can also lead to increased fuel consumption.
  10. Limit the use of your air conditioner and instead, open your windows when driving at lower speeds.
  11. Make sure your car is regularly serviced.
  12. Plan your route and don’t overload your car.

Ideal Care

Edenred Polska provides year round support to a home for single mothers and their children in Warsaw’s Praga district. Every December, we organise the volunteer work of our employees that involves, among others, the collection of food and clothing for those in need.