Cards for sports  and culture  Ticket Sport&Culture®
Cards for sports  and culture  Ticket Sport&Culture®

Cards for sports
and culture
Ticket Sport&Culture®

The most democratic
solution on the market



The Ticket Sport&Culture® card is an answer to all needs of employees and their families. It is an alternative for those that do not use the offered sports benefits.
Employees receive a pre topped up card and decide on the venue and manner of spending their free time on their own, taking into account their individual passions and interests. The freedom to use the funds accumulated on the card together with family and friends. In addition, if the funds are not used in a given month, they are carried over and added to subsequent months.


  • The most recommended solution on the market – your company will appreciate Edenred’s cards (2013 Edenred card customer satisfaction survey  – 96% of clients recommend Edenred’s solutions)
  • A wide selection of services related to sport, recreation, and culture - incentives tailored to the needs of each employee
  • Specific purpose benefits that exclusively cover sport, recreation, and culture
  • Guaranteed use of all funds by the employee - cash that is not used in a given month is not lost but carried over to the next month 
  • The certainty of the use of the funds in accordance with their purpose and legal regulations pertaining to the social benefits fund
  • A personal income tax exemption of up to 380 PLN per tax year
  • The value of the cards financed from the social benefits fund does not increase the basis for social insurance contributions
  • The card can be included in the sports benefits that already exist in the company at any time  
  • Comprehensive support for HR departments – simple administration and distribution as well as the provision of employee services are ensured by Edenred


  • The most user friendly solution on the market – your employees will appreciate Edenred’s cards (2013 Edenred card user satisfaction survey – 86% believe that Edenred’s card is a better solution than what was previously used)
  • The greatest flexibility in benefit selection - the employee is able to independently decide how and when to spend the funds stored on the card
  • The ability to access all cultural and educational institutions (cinemas, theatres, concert halls, operas, galleries, museums) and sports and recreational centres (including gyms, pools, aerobics, yoga, spas, and hair and cosmetics services) in Poland and abroad using the card
  • The ability to make ticket reservations and online payments
  • Complete real time control over the funds stored on the card using IVR, the website, and a mobile application
  • Sport and cultural benefits on one card without the need for a subscription
  • The ability to share the card with friends and family and to spend free time with them  
  • The ability to independently top up the card
  • Attractive promotions and discounts for card users result in a real increase in the value of the benefit